Tour Dates

Michael & Tre Twitty  

Date City Venue
Tour: The Memories Of Conway
08/15/15 Michael & Tre Twitty in Mackeyville, Pa Clinton County Fair
Time: 7:00pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Entire Show

Michael Twitty  

Date City Venue
Tour: The Memories Of Conway
03/27/15 Michael Twitty in Dallas, Georgia, Georgia The Dallas Theater
Time: 2:00pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Box office: 678-363-0813. Address: 208 main street. single with Joey and his band
04/28/15 Michael Twitty in Branson, MO Star Theater
Time: 4:00pm. Age restrictions: All Ages. Box office: TBA. With Joey’s band… Please know this show time for sure will be announced closer to the time. it will either be 4pm or 7pm..thanks. Buy Tickets More information
08/27/15 - 08/30/15 Michael Twitty in Leave from Flordia Cruise- Crusing to Virgin Islands..
Time: 7:30pm. Age restrictions: All Ages.

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22 Responses to Tour Dates

  1. SUE GORE says:


  2. Sur,
    All you gor to do, is check tours on my website here,


  3. Dana Andrew says:

    My husband and I seen you years back in Mississippi and we would like to see you again Please email me of your tour dates

  4. Ray says:

    hello Michael, have you ever considered having a show in Branson? seems like it would be a perfect fit!!

  5. Billie R. Glidewell says:

    Good afternoon Michael! First i just want to say that you are a wonderful performer and you do an AWESOME tribute to Conway. I have sent a request to an establishment in Illinois to book you. I hope and pray that it goes through. I am a huge fan of Conway and always will be. When i was 13 Conway was suppose to perform in Silvis, Illinois for the Country Music Festival and that is when he became sick. This is why i hope that we can bring you here because you are the next best. Watching your videos just is not enough. May God Bless and keep you safe!

  6. katherine bryskie says:

    hope you come to arkansas soon

  7. Brenda Denton says:

    I would love to see michael twitty. Will he be in alabama any

  8. Anne Doiron says:

    I am wondering if you are coming to Canada, namely New Brunswick, Canada or have you been here already?? I remember hearing it announced not so long ago and wondered if I am too late.

  9. Anne,
    No we have not been there, can you send my manager some Casino’ds ect to call. send it to
    her name is Sondra Newman

  10. pat birge says:

    saw you once in Edmonton, Ky and you were awesome..never got to see your dad but you fill his shoes well! Please come back to Kentucy..have lot of friends very interested in seeing you..Thank you

  11. Hello Pat,
    Would love to come back to Ky. if you have a place in min d, send it to my booking agent, she will call it. would need name and phone number.. email information to
    Sondra Newman


  12. I’m coming there Oct 25th to the Moncton Wesleyan Center show 7.30


  13. would love to Brenda. if you know a name and place phone number, just send it to my manager Sondra Newman, she will call it ok


  14. would love to come to Ark, as I was born there lol


  15. Hope so to Billie,
    Have them concact Sondra Newman at my booking agent


  16. Ray,
    Yes we have many times, no one wants to pay any thing. lol

    Thank’s ,

  17. Thank’s Ricky.


  18. Teena Mears says:

    So hope you get to come to Ark or Branson, I grew up on your Dad’s music, My Mom being the biggest fan ever!!! Her name is Linda, lol… When that song came out, she was in heaven. I don’t know if it was you, but do you know Sonny Roswell? He is my late uncle that knew your dad, I believe he went on tour for a short time with him, and I believe a friend with last name of Kelly, anyways I have high hopes of bringing my mom to listen to you if you come near ark or missouri. Sincerely Teena Mears

  19. kenny says:

    Would love to see u in south Carolina

  20. brenda ball says:

    i have a picture took in 1985 of me conway twitty and cal smith i was only 15 and he took my heart that day



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