Welcome all to our brand new web presence! This is the official site of country music artist Michael Twitty, the number one son of the best friend a song ever had…Conway Twitty.

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  1. Al George says:

    I’m very proud of you. do you ever talk to Marcel. How is Aunt Gene??
    poppin fresh –AL GEORGE

  2. bookings says:

    Have not talked or seen Marcel since Howard pass away. Aunt Norman Jean is doing good .Just getting older, like us all.
    Great talking to you my friend.


  3. bookings says:

    Eileen we’ll be leaving a week from today. You can buy all my cd’s there, plus we’ll have tee shirts to.

    Mike—-see you there.

  4. bookings says:

    Thanks you so much Eileen.


  5. bookings says:



  6. bookings says:



  7. bookings says:

    Mable thank you.You are so right.I’ll tell you like I tell everyone,when I’m on stage. I just want to put a smile on your Memory of my Dad!!!


  8. bookings says:

    Thanks Mable for your nice comments, and for loving my Dad.


  9. Linda says:

    Hi Michael I was and still a huge fan of your dad’s,he would be so proud of you.I love your singing been listening to your dad over 40 plus years.I would like to know if you could sing one of favorite your dad’s its Falling for you for years can’t seem to get it anywhere.Your dad was the greatest there ever was.

  10. Thank you Michael for the nice commet. I really think you are a nice son to Honor your Dad the way you do. Not all Singers do, a few I know do. Respect is so important in life. Ahamed to say 1 of ours doesn’t. He has Bi-Polar and guess he can’t help himself, but I still love him, but he doesn’t really know it.
    I would be so honored if you would be my friend on Facebook. PLEASE!!!
    Yours Truly Mabel Adams ( May )

  11. Michael,
    Why don’t you publish some of your own music ? I really think you are a great singer and you rank high with me and could keep up with the high paying C.Singers.
    It’s great you honor your Dad ( Respect Is More Like It ) but you have a great voice and your Dad passed it onto you, like you did with your Son Tre. I haven’t heard him yet, but am looking forward to it when I find the music of the 2 of you. I listen to your song “Debbie Don’t Like Dallas AnyMore quite often.I’m going to find that CD and buy it soon. Love it.
    Could you send me a Auntograph Picture of yourself if I send my address to you? It would have to be in a message, not on here. I would send it by regular mail. I love your Dad very much, but would love a CD of you also. Your Dad’s music brings back a lot of memories to me.
    Still waiting for you to be a Friend of mine.
    Yours Truly Mabel Adams

  12. bookings says:



  13. bookings says:

    You can buy my Three Generation CD by emailing my manager Sondra Newman at bookings1@copmcast.net she handles all my mail outs.
    my pictures are 5.00 each. you can also get them thru my office by contacting my manager. ok thank you for your nice comments.


  14. charles graff says:

    i went to a ronnie mcdowell show and he talked about how he loved you’r dad.he worked with him seven years.keep singing, you have a great voice.

  15. bookings says:

    Yes I know Ronnie and Dad worked some together.


  16. Brenda Stevens says:

    Dear Michael,

    Enjoyed browsing your site and looking at the pictures you have posted of you and your family. Such a blessing to see you keeping the Twitty name going. I followed your father from the early 1970’s and seen the last show he did in Columbus, Ohio at Veteran’s Memorial in 1993. He was a Great Man, you are a Great Son !

    I plan on making a trip to Nashville shorly, seen where you posted on Facebook that you did the Grand Opening at Conway’s Bar and Grill. Can you tell em how to find it coming from Columbus, Ohio.

    Thank you
    Best Wishes,

    Brenda Stevens

  17. TAMMY GRIGSBY says:


  18. bookings says:

    Sorry but we run everything free from our website now. we keep it up dated for all our fans!!! Postage has just ngotten so high, it costs to much to run a fan club any more.

    Thanks For being a fan,

  19. bookings says:

    Hi Brenda,
    The Conway Bar and Grill just Google it. it will pull it up, with the address, and phone number.
    thanks for being a fan.


  20. bookings says:

    Nice to hear from you. Thanks for the nice comments.


  21. Jean says:

    Micheal just thought you would like to know someone still has a nightshirt of your fathers and signed by you . I would really love to see your show.Do you ever visit the smokey mtn and pigeon fordge or would the show not be able to afford you.I saw you when you were making the rounds in clubs..Hope you dont ever have to do that again. I did your booking in our club as often as the boss would let me.I am going to browse and see if you are going to be anywhere near . Good Luck .

  22. bookings says:

    thanks thats awesome


  23. bookings says:

    Hey My friend.
    We would love to come to Pegion Fprge /gatlinburg to proform this great shows. If you have any contacts ,ask them my friend.


  24. Donna Armstrong says:

    Micheal: I am a facebook friend of Sondra”s and I am doing my best to help her get you and Tre up to Canada to play at Casino Rama. I have never heard you play but i have been told that you and Tre are fantastic so i am really trying my best to talk them into getting you up here. Sondra promised me a back stage pass so i can meet you and have my picture taken with you. I always dreamt of meeting your father but never had that privilege so i do hope that i do have my dream come true with y ou and Tre. Looking forward to meeting you in the near future. Happy Easter.

  25. bookings says:

    Thanks for being a fan. looks like it will be next year before we come. hope to see u then!!


  26. Judy says:

    I was just introduced to the Family Reunion DVD’s and saw you there. I really like your voice and see you have a cd but I’ve been unable to find it. I hope you do more of your music and that it is the “old” country. I think you’d do great, I know I’d buy your recordings and so would my friends.

  27. bookings says:

    Thank u so much!!


  28. bookings says:

    Thanks glad u liked it.


  29. Allene Shaw says:

    Michael – I saw you on Family Reunion Second Generatio. By the way, you sand my favorite “Tight FittingJeans”. I am a big fan of your Dad’s – and liten to his records all th time. And you sound just like him. I’ll be waiting for you to come to South Texas – San Antonio would be a good place. Keep the memory of your Dad going.

  30. Allene Shaw says:

    Michael – I saw you on Family Reunion Second Generation. By the way, you sound just like your Dad and you sang my favorite “Tight FittingJeans”. I am a big fan of your Dad’s, always have, – and have most of his records. I hope you will come to South Texas – San Antonio would be a good place. Your Dad was really popular here. Keep the memory of your Dad going.

  31. bookings says:

    Thanks Allen,
    Send me some places and their phone numbers, we’ll call about booking our show there. ok


  32. bookings says:



  33. dave says:

    Saw u at walters dinner theatre sept 1 i was the youngest one there…..was at twitty city along time ago…..i m 46 loved ur show there…..u brought me to tears as my deceased mother loved ur dads music….u r very appreciated here in canada….love ur 3 generation cd god bless u and yours all the best come to canada again i will be there…..dave scott kitchener ont canada…..YES THE LEGEND LIVES ON

  34. Angela Watson says:

    Well Michael, here is a blast from the past. The days you played “The Barn” in a little place called Red Level,. I just looked at your video and i like that country swing…nice tune. Hope you are doing well. Maybe if you are down around Birmingham/Montgomery, we can take in a show. Take care!

  35. bookings says:

    DAVE THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THOSE NICE COMMENTS. I’m sure we’ll do another tour 2013 with my entire show.
    keep a close warch on my website, all you got to do is click on tours. ok

    God Bless,

  36. bookings says:

    Angela ,
    Hello Darlin glad you enjoyed my show. also happy you got to come to Twitty City. I’m
    sure we’ll be back in Canada on tour with my entire band 2013. so watch my website for dates.

    God Bless,

  37. Hi Mike,Hope you and Barbie aredoing well.I dont know if you remember me but I am your #1 fan from Minnesota.I just found a Twitty City plate at Goodwill so I was real excited!!I wish I had been able to get to Twiity City when it was going on.I guess I was busy raising my girls then.You and I are a year apart but I have 8 grandkids and 3 great grandchildren.My oldest grandson is 20 and he has a 3year old daughter and twin identical boys 5months old.I chersh the memories of your concerts when renate first introduced me to you in 1999.I lovbed Conways music so much I didnt know about you.Take care and give my love to Barbie also!!

  38. dave says:

    hey michael come to casino rama saw merle haggard there and many shows

  39. bookings says:

    we would love to, Sondra called them this pass year, and the lady told her they would pass this last year. So call and request our show. ok

    Send the number again . We’ll try again.


  40. bookings says:

    Yes we do. Sorry we’ve not been in your part of the country. WOULD YOU SEND US NUMBERS ON SOME OF THE PLACES WE PLAYED BEFORE. OK


  41. ann azbell says:

    I loved your dad so much, listened to him ever since I was a young child. Was very lucky to get to see him at the Ohio State Fair. Love what u are doing. U are amazing!!!!!!!

  42. bookings says:

    Thanks for being a Twitty fan, and loving my Dad and me!!!


  43. Hello There. I discovered your blog the usage of msn.

    This is an extremely well written article. I will make sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your useful info.
    Thank you for the post. I’ll definitely return.

  44. loretta says:

    Michael, I was looking up the Music Ranch Montana and came across your website. Thank you……. I loved your father’s songs and miss him a lot. When I heard you singing it brought back so many memories.

    Michael, please tell me you will be playing in Branson, Mo. sometime this year. We live on a farm 3 hours from there and would love to come see you. Could you please send me a schedule of where you will be performing and when.

    Thank you,

  45. bookings says:

    Thank’s glad you like it.Hope to come back to Montana 2014. just keep an eye on our website!!

    Michael Twitty

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