Memories of Conway – VIDEO

View our new Live Video of Michael in concert performing the “Memories Of Conway” show. This show is one of kind, with Michael paying tribute to his father in song.

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  1. bookings says:

    Hello Cheif,
    How in the world are u, looking foward to seeing you to. be like old times.

    See u then pal,

  2. shirlee says:

    Sure miss Conway’s music.He was my favorite of all the country stars.Went to see him every year he came to Hershey Pennsylvania in Feb.Just loved his music and the man.

  3. Janie Tucker says:

    I loved Conways music and want to know when Michael will be coming to Billy Bobs fx L want to see him come to Texas aconway Twitty fan

  4. bookings says:

    We would love to come there, why don’t u call there ans request our show there. send them to my website.


  5. bookings says:

    I miss will to. more every day. Thanks for loving my Dad and being a fan.


  6. Crystall says:

    Hello Michael, I just had to tell you how happy I am today, I just got the conformation that I will finally be seeing you live (and hopefully meeting you) on May 24 at the Lady Luck Casino in Marquette, Ia. I” m just as excited as I was when I got to see your Dad live in concert in Panama City Beach Fl. in 1980. I have been a ginormas Twitty fan since I was a young child. Cant wait! See you then, Crystall

  7. Linda Conner Berkstresser says:

    My husband knew I loved your dad’s music. I play and re-play is music all the time til I wore them out. He was not a talking man at concerts, he want to give the people what they came to here to hear. He said at one time you don’t want me to talk and tell jokes so I’ll do what I do best and that he did. He taped you sing on country Friends sitting in a room. Oh my Goodness, Don’t now rither I died and went to heaven or Conway came back to like. This was the first time I have herd you sing. Music to my ears. We use to call my dad Conway. He had a perm in his hair and a certain way he turned his head he looked like your day. Others saw this to. I can’t stop thinking about your voice. When are you coming near Roanoke VA. Would love to see you in concert. I just keep hearing this music in my ears.I had quit playing music because everytime I herd it I would cry. The music didn’t die but part of me. I was never a concert goer but any time Conway was in town I had to get to Roanoke to hear that music. Use to go to Roanoke to Lakeside amusement Park, Roaonke Salem Civic Center. My parents always took me and a couple of times I went with friends. You are a wonderful person carring on your fathers dreams. I loved your music and your voice.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  8. bookings says:

    Thank u for being a GREATR Twitty fan, I appreciate it!!


  9. bookings says:


    Didn’t get all your poast nhere, but what everyour happy about is GREAT lol


  10. Reba says:

    I’m so happy that you are continuing on in your dads footsteps, Conway’s memory will leave on through you. I loved your dad’s singing, I never could get enough of his songs. Loved, loved, loved the songs and your dad. I have his CD’s, and play them over and over… You are your dad inside out, your singing which is awesome, and you look like your dad. Keep Conway Twitty alive… Reba

  11. bookings says:

    Thank u.


  12. Rita Devins says:

    Hi Michael! We just saw you this past weekend with Loretta! The whole Show was Awesome!!! Does anyone have a Video of the Tribute to Conway at Loretta’s ranch? I’d Love to have it! BTW, Your son is so adorable & sounds like your Dad too!

  13. Sherry says:

    Michael, just stumbled onto your web page after looking up some of your Dads info, great full to you for carrying on your Dads love of music. My teen years I gre up listening to your dad, my what an artist! He was snuffed out of this life way too soon, he would be proud to see you and your son carrying on the family tradition. If you are ever close to Braxton Co. WV would love to see & hear your concert

  14. bookings says:

    Yes get in touch with Loretta’s ranch on this. thanks for your nice comments.


  15. Vicki Watkins says:

    I believe that you are a inspritation to your Fathers legend and I think that you are doing such a wonderful thing by carrying on not only his music but your own music as well you are so much like Conway in many ways and I am so honored to be able to leave this message for you to read and to let you know just how much I look forward to listening to more of your music in the furture.Look in to your heart and you will always see your amazing Father there you and your Father are what has made the country music a rewarding and wonderful art to enjoy.Do not change any thing about your self because you are such a amazing and incrediable artist thank you from a very Dear and real Devoted Fan of you both Sincerly Vicki

  16. Darlene says:

    You sound a lot like your dad. My son still laughs at my response when he asked me how much I loved Conway’s music. I told him I would marry him just for him to sing me to sleep every night. I didn’t want his money or fame. I own almost every cd he ever had. He brings me up when I’m down. I am now raising 2 granddaughters, 13 and 5, and have them listening to his music. I also have a lot of Loretta Lynn’s music. My oldest granddaughter knows all her songs by heart as well as me.

  17. bookings says:

    Thank you so much for you nice comments. Just trying to keep Dad’s music alive!!


  18. bookings says:

    Darlene ,
    You to knid, thanks for the nice comments!!


  19. Karen says:

    Wow Michael you sound awesome! Do you do benefits?

  20. bookings says:

    Yes we do, if you can pay our expences to get there ect to do it.


  21. bookings says:

    Darlene, ‘HELLO DALIN’
    Thanks for being a Conway Twitty fan. We all apprecite fans like you. So do you not have any of mind and my son’s Tre music.
    if not you can contact my manager Sondra Newman at she handles all my mail outs. She can tell you
    everything we have. Her cell is 615-289-2561 ok


  22. wanda fischer says:

    awesome I have to see his show, Great Job Michael loved it

  23. bookings says:

    Thanks for your nice comments, yes you need to come out and see our show!!


  24. Patricia Musick says:

    I like your singing, sounds and looks like your dad, wished you could master that growl he had. Good job.

  25. bookings says:

    Thanks Patricia for those nice comments!!


  26. Brenda Anderson says:

    Hi Michael,
    Just wondering if you will have in concerts in York or Hershey Pennsylvania. This area really loved and repected your Dad. Please e-mail me. The last I saw you preform was at the Jefferson Carnival in Jefferson Pa. I think your wife drove the bus most of the way, also saw a lot of your concerts in Pennsylvania only.


  27. bookings says:

    Nothing right now, but sure would love to come your wAy! Maybe soon.


  28. bookings says:

    Thank you Patricia.

  29. bookings says:

    Thank’s Pam

    Michael Twitty

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